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You want more qualified wedding couples clicking on your website & scheduling a property tour.

We know the struggles you face as a wedding and event venue. The competition for reaching engaged Millennials and wedding planners gets fiercer every day as more wedding venues get online-savvy. Most wedding couples book their wedding venue within the first few months of getting engaged – make sure they find your website and fall in love at first click.

You need a turnkey, cost-effective wedding venue website that wedding couples love with minimal interruption to your business. More importantly, you need a venue site that educates the wedding couple about what your venue offers and convinces them to schedule a property tour. We know you don’t want to spend your time vetting wedding couples that have a lower budget than you can offer or aren’t a good fit for your venue. Our visually compelling wedding venue sites are built with conversions in mind and every scroll brings them closer to contacting you for their next wedding or event.

A website is a big investment for you. Depending on the complexity, our web design projects cost between $3,500 -$8,500 with flexible payment options available. It’s an invaluable investment – with just one wedding or event booking through your website, you’ll make your money back. If you’re unsure where to start with your event venue website design, contact us below and we’ll evaluate your website and marketing to see where we can help you improve and outperform your competition.

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“The re-design of our website is awesome! We’ve referred several other happy customers to Elizabeth and will continue to do so.”

– Lane Nittler, Owner of Mountain House Estate in Cloverdale, CA

top 3 qualities of the best wedding venue sites


A Stunning, Mobile-First Design

According to The Knot, 92% of wedding couples use their phones for wedding planning, meaning your website has to be designed mobile-first and optimized for mobile devices. Thanks in part to social media, Millennials expect to scroll on their phones and they won’t wait long for your site to load, so your website has to be responsively designed and optimized to load fast.


SEO Optimization

If your website isn’t on the first page of Google, wedding couples simply won’t find you. The best wedding venue websites are optimized for the keywords that wedding couples are searching for, such as “wedding venues near me.” But SEO also entails optimized title and meta descriptions, page speed, mobile-responsiveness, user experience, backlinks, relevant content, and so much more.


Upfront Information & Helpful Tools

Wedding couples shopping for a venue want to know four things: what you do and where you’re located, whether you’re a professional and expert at executing weddings, what’s included in the price, and if you’re in their price range. Even if your website copy is warm and fuzzy and has a great story about how you started the wedding venue, they really just want to know if they can picture your wedding at their venue.


The Best Practices for Wedding Venue Websites

Do you own a wedding venue? If so, congratulations! You are in the wedding industry which is one of the fastest-growing industries. In order to be successful, it is important that your wedding venue website reflects how awesome you are and what you have to offer couples.

Every wedding venue’s website is different, but some mistakes seem to be repeated. This blog post will share the four most common mistakes people make on their wedding venue website. Hopefully, you’ll avoid these pitfalls and can update your site!

Write warmhearted wedding venue website copy.

Your wedding venue website design is important, but your copy is equally as important. The wedding experience is an emotional process for couples and your venue website has to speak to couples.

Include easy to access, upfront, and transparent information.

What does your website do for me? Why should I be there? If you don’t straightforwardly answer these questions from the get-go, people will bounce off your site faster than they can say “chia pet.” The home page is your best opportunity to establish what’s so great about this venue – and it needs to make an impression fast! You must include pricing/investment/package info, how to schedule a tour, FAQs, and virtual tours.

Make your wedding venue website a good experience.

A good layout is crucial to the success of your wedding venue website. You want your website to be easily navigable for the customer because it will make their lives easier and they’ll enjoy their experience on your site more!

Don’t forget that if you have different packages on your site, each one should be easy to find. Make sure that customers can easily compare the different prices.

Don’t have too many items on your menu – this will confuse people! If you do offer packages, consider adding them as toggles so people can see the differences.

Not only do you want happy and educated wedding couples, but also ones who don’t get frustrated with navigating around your site. They’re going to leave without contacting you, and that’s a missed opportunity to book a prime wedding date…all due to poor website design.

Here’s what to include on your navigation and layout.

Keep it as simple as possible and guide them to do what you want them to do. If you want them to visit the home page, then the wedding page, and then pricing, and finally to book a tour, then do just that! Don’t have too many calls to action or buttons – it’s confusing and they won’t know which to pick and will leave your site, trust us.

Nowadays, we remove the “ABOUT US” page altogether or keep it in the footer. Wedding couples (and Millennials) are all about “me me me”, so they’re not focused so much on the about page information, as cool as you and your backstory are.

Use these tips when creating your venue’s website on WordPress.

– Use small (optimally sized) wedding photos instead of big photos and images for headers, logos, gallery, etc. Bigger photos usually mean longer load time! Make sure they are sized appropriately for mobile devices so that visitors can navigate without difficulty if they’re viewing the site on their phone. Photos that are served as. webp instead of .jpg or .png are favored by Google.

– Don’t put too many plugins on your wedding venue website, only the ones that are necessary. You don’t need Google Analytics plugins or plugins to insert Instagram feeds or other clunky plugins. They only slow your website down and deter potential site visitors.

– Use Rank Math’s SEO plugin instead of Yoast. It’s less bloated and has more features, and won’t slow your website down. You can even import your Yoast SEO settings into Rank Math.

– Use an optimization plugin such as Light Speed Cache. This will finetune your website and help your site speed.

Less is more. If you’re a venue owner and you need more help than listed above, reach out to us!

Get their undivided attention by using SEO best practices.

The wedding and event industry is saturated, as you know. Directory listings such as The Knot and Here Comes the Guide will always have the top spots on Google for wedding venue searches, because they pay thousands to do just that. Speaking of the Knot…

Does your site matter more than your venue listing on The Knot?

Yes and no. You’ll likely never outrank The Knot outside of local listings (local listings matter more, anyway), but you should at least have a free search listing on the Knot to have a backlink to your website.

We always encourage event venue clients to spend their money on Google Ads and SEO over The Knot. Why? On the Knot, you’re competing with a gazillion other wedding and event venues. Once millennials fill out that generic form (“Hi, we’d love more information about your venue!”) that gets sent to you, they’re bombarded with fifteen other event venues to look at. Then your event venue becomes less special to them.

Here are some final tips and ideas to help you shine.

When millennials are in the beginning stages of planning their weddings, especially the venue search, they’re usually pretty clueless. It’s difficult to know where to start. They’re all over the place, from googling wedding ideas on Pinterest to searching for gold star-themed weddings.

If you can prove that you are an invaluable resource to them when planning their weddings, they’ll already have a closer attachment to you than other unhelpful websites. If you have ideas, tips, vendors, past events, an updated gallery, reviews, tools, budget calculator, inspiration, team members, and other useful information, they’ll be able to make a much more informed decision.

We only work with a handful of venues.

Whether you’re in London or LA, we only work with one venue in a geographic radius, so you don’t have to worry about us working with your competitors on their site or SEO.

Good luck with your website design!

We hope that this blog post has been helpful to you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your web design, SEO strategy, marketing plan, or anything else related to weddings, ideas, tips, digital content, and website maintenance!

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