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Power your WordPress website with premium hosting and SEO

You deserve a fast, secure website backed by a superior infrastructure. Never suffer from prolonged website issues again. Time and money saved on your end. We include premium SEO plugins to optimize your site and keep your website SEO-friendly. Learn about our features below.


Guaranteed top website performance with a top-speed framework

Our hosting uses Google Cloud Platform’s premium tier network and the fastest C2 virtual machines. It minimizes the time it takes for website visitors to get to your website and guarantees a secure transport of your data.

Many clients see up to 200% performance improvements, 30% improved latency, or 50% better bandwidth when switching.

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High-performance unlimited CDN

Speed up website content delivery with HTTP/3-enabled CDN powered by Cloudflare.

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Simplified website caching

With the fastest server-level caching, say goodbye to annoying and buggy plugins that break your site.

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State-of-the-art technology

Nginx, PHP 8.1, LXD, complete software container isolation, MariaDB, Amazon Route 53 premium DNS

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Weekly automatic database optimization

We optimize your database weekly so you can sit back and enjoy the performance boost. Woop woop!


Sleep easy knowing your sites are monitored and secured 24/7/365.

An SLA-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee and hack-free guarantee. Doesn’t that sound relaxing? You have an entire team taking care of your website while working, on vacation, and living your life.

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Automatic backups

Daily backups ensure the safety of your website. Mess something up on your site? We can restore it to the day or week before in one click.

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Cloudflare DDoS protection and Free SSL

You don’t have to worry about DDoS attacks on your website. You have an automatic SSL certificate with wildcard support covering all subdomains.

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Two-factor authentication

We’ve enabled Google authenticator-based 2FA in MyKinsta for extra security.

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SFTP / SSH protocols

Your date is secured with SFTP and SSH connections (no FTP).

Reduce WordPress debugging to minutes

Say goodbye to spending time debugging performance issues (or spending money on a developer to assist). The in-house application monitoring tool spots bottlenecks in minutes. We’ll take care of any issues, but you can reach out to the Kinsta support team if we’re not around.

Migrate your site for free

Relax, we got you! You have unlimited free migrations with the team. You can test out the migration risk-free to ensure you like what you see. If you’re coming from Squarespace or Wix, reach out to us directly as those don’t migrate into WordPress seamlessly.


The best all-in-one solution for hosting and SEO.

We use several premium SEO plugins to help keep your site maintained and SEO friendly, including automated internal linking, image attributes, performance plugins, image resize, sitemap, redirections, and more at no additional cost to you ($300 in savings annually). We include these in our hosting cost because we know you need a search-engine-optimized website, which is also why you’re interested in premium hosting and not the cheap, slow stuff.


24/7/365 real-human chat is 30 seconds away

You can email me directly if you need help, or you can log into your hosting dashboard to access our single-tier support system. Available all day, every day (including weekends and holidays). So if I’m on vacation or gone, you don’t have to wait!


Premium hosting preferred by Google and backed by SEO plugins to keep your site in tip-top shape

If you care about SEO and your site speed, peace of mind, and website security, you shouldn’t choose a cheap host like GoDaddy. We began offering premium hosting to our clients due to numerous issues over time with subpar hosts, such as GoDaddy, HostGator, and BlueHost. You need a premium hosting plan if you care about your site performance and maximizing conversions.

Hosting, Full management, & SEO plugins are $410 annually (including Paypal service fee).

✓ Premium Tier Google Cloud Platform (preferred by Google – yes!)
✓ C2 machines on all plans
✓ Cloudflare protection
✓ Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool
✓ Free SSL certificates (HTTPS)
✓ Forced HTTPS (good for SEO)
✓ Free automatic backups
✓ Expert 24/7 chat support (response time 90 seconds)
✓ Up-to-date software (Nginx, PHP, MariaDB)
✓ Regular uptime checks
✓ Server-level caching (no buggy caching plugins)
✓ Free staging environment
✓ Website management dashboard (you have full access)
✓ Set up and usage of high-performance SEO plugins to boost SEO efforts


Fill out this short form. Then, pay for your annual hosting and SEO package using Paypal or a Debit/Credit card below. I’ll send you an email with the next steps and fun details so we can get started!