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130 conversions in 7 days. 400 for the month. 100+ weddings booked for 2023 as of March 21, 2023.

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281 monthly conversions after starting Google Ads & SEO (now around 400). Before, conversions were around 50 monthly.

The Meadow Barn Conversions

$15 per conversion on Google Ads. The conversion is an in-person scheduled tour after the couple viewed pricing and FAQs.

Snowmad Academy is an 8-part tutorial with follow-along videos, best practices, how-to docs, copy-and-paste prompts, and campaigns.

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1. Master Google Ads for Maximum Exposure: We’ll guide you whether you want to make Express Ads or expert Ads. Discover how to create captivating Google Ads campaigns that get your business noticed by engaged couples actively searching for wedding services. Our step-by-step videos will support you through the process, from setting up effective campaigns to optimizing keywords, maximizing your budget, and measuring success. Valued at $2,642

2. Create an Irresistible Email and Text Drip Campaign: And hint, it doesn’t start with “congratulations on your engagement!”. Unlock the art of persuasive communication with our sample email and text drip campaigns. Craft personalized messages that engage potential clients, nurture leads, and convert them into loyal customers. Let automation do the work while you focus on what you do best—making dream weddings come true. Valued at $1,284

3. Learn the Best Website Practices for Content, Design, and SEO: Your website is your digital storefront. Discover the industry’s best-kept secrets for designing a wedding website that captivates visitors, showcases your talents, and compels them to take action. From user-friendly navigation to eye-catching visuals, we’ll teach you the essential elements of a winning website. Valued at $2,843

4. Craft Compelling Marketing Copy: New to ChatGPT or just starting? Learn how to leverage ChatGPT prompts to captivate your audience with persuasive marketing copy. From engaging social media posts to attention-grabbing ad campaigns, you’ll acquire the skills to create compelling content that drives conversions and amplifies your wedding business. Valued at $597

5. Master the Art of Review Responses: Did you know replying to every review can boost your SEO tremendously? Transform customer reviews into powerful marketing opportunities with ChatGPT. Discover how to craft thoughtful and personalized responses that strengthen your brand reputation, build trust with potential clients, and turn feedback into a competitive advantage. Valued at $134

6. Streamline Redundant Tasks: Supercharge your productivity by automating repetitive tasks using ChatGPT prompts. Say goodbye to time-consuming data entry, clever social media caption creation, template customization, and other mundane activities. Learn how to harness the efficiency of ChatGPT to streamline your workflow, freeing up more time to focus on what truly matters—creating unforgettable weddings. Valued at $974

7. Unleash the Power of Keyword Research: Stay one step ahead of your competition by understanding the search behavior of your target audience. Learn how to conduct in-depth keyword research and identify the most valuable terms for your wedding niche. Drive organic traffic to your website and enhance your visibility across search engines. Valued at $794

8. Optimize Your Google Business Listing: Your online presence starts with a strong Google Business listing. We’ll show you how to optimize it to its full potential, ensuring you’re at the top of local search results. Increase your chances of getting noticed by brides and grooms in your area and watch your inquiries soar. Valued at $274

 Cost: $47.  Total Value: $9,642.

Why so cheap? The truth is, times are a lil tough for many of us, inflation sucks, and eggs cost too much. Not everyone can afford to hire me right now, so I want these tools to be affordable and available.

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