Snowmad and Nurture Collab

Introducing Snowmad + NurturePro

You want a turnkey solution to drive the highest quality leads to your website and automate the sales process all the way to a signed contract.

Literally, the only thing not included is a robot that gives the tours for you 🤣.

can this robot give venue tours

But yes, we are working on that, too. I’ve listened to venue owners and your pain points for over six years. You are juggling too many tasks. You are working 80+ hour weeks. You are stretched thin. Your brides and MOBs are texting you at 2 AM. If this is you, or if you are looking for a hands-off marketing approach, keep reading.

Snowmad Digital drives all the highest qualified leads to your website through a tailored SEO, Google Ads, and overall digital marketing strategy.

NurturePro nurtures those leads through automated emails, texts, and even AI chat integration that answers questions in your sleep. Cause we all know that most everyone is asking the SAME questions. There’s even more to it than that, like review replies, automated tour scheduling, virtual tour scheduleing; it goes on.

Did you know that most Gen Z couples would rather you text them than email them? If you’re not texting, you are losing thousands a month. Did you also know that if you don’t reply within five minutes to their questions, you are more likely to lose the sale? 

So we put together a package for the venue owner who isn’t trying to be DIY or cut corners. An owner or manager, or investor wants to make more money, book more QUALIFIED tours, and make more revenue. A person or team who does not want to be on call 24/7/365 and wants to take that much-needed vacation. Take a look at our turnkey packages below.

The Spruce Package

Google Ads Campaigns

Automated Nurture Campaigns

Booking & Appointment Calendars

Review Management

Proposals, Estimates, Contracts, & Invoicing

Social Media Planner

$1,000 Set Up, $847/month

The Juniper Package

Turnkey SEO, Digital Marketing, and Google Ads

Automated Nurture Campaigns

Booking & Appointment Calendars

Review Management

Proposals, Estimates, Contracts, & Invoicing

Social Media Planner

$1,000 set up, $1,997/month

The Arborvitae Package

Turnkey SEO, Digital Marketing, Google Ads. 

Automated Nurture Campaigns

Booking & Appointment Calendars

Review Management

Proposals, Estimates, Contracts, & Invoicing

Social Media Planner

24/7/365 Customized AI chatbot

$1,000 set up, $2,195 a month

NurturePro Inclusions:

Automated Nurture Campaigns

  • Advanced Workflow Automation That Nurture Leads on Auto-Pilot
  • Stage Automated Sales Pipeline
  • Pre-Built Email/Text Nurture Campaign Templates
  • Pre-written emails and texts tested and proven with hundreds of venues
  • Save Time & Money

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Grow your audience & know where new leads are coming from
  • Easily Import/Export Leads
  • UNLIMITED Leads/Contacts

Single Inbox Messaging

  • Streamline Communication Into 1 Inbox: Facebook Messenger, Email, SMS, Webchat, Google Messaging, Etc
  • Reply To Leads & Customers With Inbox
  • Chat In Real Time With Livechat
  • Mobile App For Easier Communication On The Go

Booking & Appointment Calendars

  • Easily schedule your tours and weddings
  • Sync your calendars with Google, Outlook, and Ical automatically add events and check for conflicts
  • Pre-made wedding, event, phone & tour booking calendars with customizable reminder workflows

Review Management

  • Get New Reviews Automatically
  • Google Direct Reviews
  • Respond To Reviews In One Place
  • Review Sharing On Social Sites

Webchat Widget

  • Increase website conversions with an on-site chat widget that moves conversations to text

Proposals, Estimates, Contracts, & Invoicing

  • Easy Text 2 Pay Client Invoicing
  • Send proposals and estimates to clients to sign
  • Online forms with signatures
  • Automate sending contracts when weddings are booked

Upload Photos and Documents to Contacts

  • Take photos with your couples on tours and upload to Nurture Pro to send to them later
  • Upload Contracts or PDF Documents to contact profile for quick reference and organization

Unlimited Surveys and Forms Builder

  • Pre-Tour Survey to gain priceless sales data for your venue tour
  • Lost Lead Survey to gain feedback from lost leads

Additional Features

  • 24/7 Full Customer Support Chat
  • UNLIMITED Team Members
  • $10 of SMS/Email Credits per month

Social Media Planner

  • Automate your social media posting and schedule all of your posts at once
  • Schedule social posts on Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, or TikTok

And want to see Snowmad’s turnkey SEO? The case studies speak for themselves.

Case Study: SEO for Wedding Venues

In April 2020, Mountain House Estate received 1,100 visitors per month, In April 2024, they are receiving 35,000 visitors per month. However, we don't focus on website traffic as much as we focus on conversions from that website traffic.

2023 Case Study: Creekside Events

Creekside Events' summer report (June-July) shows 77% of conversions are directly from our implemented SEO and SEM tactics.

2023 Case Study: Paniolo Ranch

Paniolo Ranch's year to date report (May-July) shows a 348% increase in conversions since we redesigned the website and implemented SEO and SEM tactics.

2023 Case Study: Legacy Farms

Legacy Farms Annual Report shows that 80% of conversions are from our SEO and SEM work. We'll explain how we are able to accomplish this.