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Organic SEO and Paid Search Success: A Compelling Case Study for Creekside

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Snowmad Digital is proud to present a compelling case study showcasing our remarkable Organic SEO and Paid Search efforts for Creekside Event Center, an all-inclusive wedding venue located in Colorado Springs. With a keen focus on driving organic traffic and implementing effective paid search campaigns, we have achieved outstanding results that have positively impacted the venue’s engagement rate, conversion rate, and overall traffic.

Engagement Rate and Conversion Rate

  • Organic Search accounts for 47% of conversions
  • Paid Search accounts for 10% of conversions
  • Direct Search (Organic/Paid then directly searching brand name) accounts for 20% of conversions
  • Our efforts account for 77% of conversions.

Organic Search: Through our meticulous Organic SEO strategies, we have successfully increased Creekside Event Center’s organic search visibility, significantly improving engagement and conversion rates. Over the past three months, the engagement rate for organic search sessions has reached an impressive average of 80.21%. This implies that users find the website through organic search and actively engage with the content, explore the offerings, and show genuine interest in the venue.

Furthermore, the organic search session conversion rate is at an impressive 6.00%, indicating that a substantial portion of the organic traffic has converted into valuable leads for Creekside Event Center. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our Organic SEO efforts in attracting and engaging high-quality traffic and ultimately driving conversions.

Paid Search (Google Ads)

Our Paid Search campaigns have played a pivotal role in enhancing Creekside Event Center’s online presence and maximizing its reach to potential customers. The engagement rate for paid search sessions has consistently averaged a commendable 73.94% over the past three months. This demonstrates that our targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have effectively captured the audience’s attention, driving them to explore the website’s offerings actively.

Moreover, the conversion rate for paid search sessions has reached an impressive 16.00%. This indicates that our carefully crafted ads, optimized landing pages, and compelling call-to-actions have successfully converted a significant portion of the paid search traffic into valuable leads and actual bookings for Creekside Event Center.

Traffic per Channel Group

Organic Search

Regarding traffic, organic search has been a key driver for Creekside Event Center’s online visibility. Over the past three months, the venue has experienced a steady influx of 4,076 sessions, with organic search accounting for 44% of the total sessions. This highlights the effectiveness of our targeted organic SEO strategies in ensuring prominent online visibility for the venue, capturing the attention of potential clients seeking wedding venues in Colorado Springs.

Paid Search

Our Paid Search efforts have yielded remarkable results in driving targeted traffic to Creekside Event Center. 962 sessions originated from paid search over the last three months, representing 23% of the total sessions. Our well-crafted PPC campaigns have attracted prospective clients actively searching for wedding venues.


Snowmad Digital’s Organic SEO and Paid Search efforts have significantly contributed to the success of Creekside Event Center’s online presence, engagement rate, conversion rate, and overall website traffic. Our strategic implementation of organic search optimization techniques and result-driven paid search campaigns has helped Creekside Event Center attract qualified leads, increase bookings, and establish itself as a premier wedding venue in Colorado Springs.

Our data-driven approach and comprehensive understanding of search engine algorithms have been instrumental in achieving these impressive results. We are confident that by continuing to refine and optimize our strategies, Snowmad Digital will continue to deliver exceptional digital marketing performance for Creekside Event Center.