I love Snowbird, hands down. But there are still some tips you might want to know to make your ski trip to Snowbird Ski Resort as fun and comfortable as possible. Keep reading for Snowbird’s features, the pros and cons, and my favorite runs.

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Snowbird Terrain: Skiing in Snowbird Features

  • Snowbird Ski Resort is a world-renowned year-round ski and summer resort located in the Wasatch National Forest, Utah.
  • It is situated 29 miles from Salt Lake City International Airport and 24 miles from downtown Salt Lake City, making it easily accessible.
  • The resort covers 2,500 acres of skiable terrain with a vertical drop of 3,240 feet, offering the most vertical terrain in Utah.
  • Snowbird receives an impressive 500 inches of snowfall annually, known for its dry, powdery snow, making it a top destination for powder skiing.
  • The resort offers a variety of terrain, with nearly half of the mountain rated as advanced, making it ideal for intermediate and expert snowboarders.
  • Snowbird features a decent halfpipe and a fantastic terrain park that attracts snowboarders from all over.
  • Visitors can take an aerial tram to the summit of Hidden Peak, where they can enjoy panoramic views of the Wasatch Mountains from the mountaintop restaurant.
  • The resort’s steep terrain, abundant powder, trees, bowls, and gullies make it a haven for riders who seek challenging slopes.
  • Snowbird’s unique location, vast terrain, and exceptional snowfall make it a top ski destination.

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23 Best Runs at Snowbird

  1. Cirque Traverse: This run is accessed from the Snowbird tram and offers endless steep lines [2].
  2. Mount Baldy: Known for its insane hike-to terrain, Mount Baldy provides a challenging experience for advanced skiers [2].
  3. Mineral Basin: A sought-after bowl with cold snow, Mineral Basin offers open terrain and great skiing opportunities [2][4].
  4. Chip’s Run: This run in Mineral Basin provides great groomers for afternoon skiing [2][3].
  5. Barry Barry Steep: Located in the Gad Chutes area, Barry Barry Steep is a challenging run for expert skiers [6].
  6. Great Scott: This steep run at Snowbird offers a thrilling experience for advanced skiers [6][10].
  7. Chickadee: Ideal for beginners, Chickadee provides a gentle slope for those new to skiing or snowboarding [6][10].
  8. Regulator Johnson: This run is recommended for intermediate skiers looking for scenic alpine terrain [6].
  9. Gad Chutes: The Gad Chutes area offers a variety of steep and challenging runs for advanced skiers [4][6].
  10. Silver Fox: Known for its advanced terrain, Silver Fox provides a thrilling experience with long and steep pitches [4].
  11. Big Emma: This run is suitable for beginners, offering a gentle slope to practice skiing or snowboarding skills [6].
  12. Barry Barry Steep: Another challenging run in the Gad Chutes area, Barry Barry Steep is recommended for expert skiers seeking a thrilling descent [6].
  13. Great Scott: A steep run at Snowbird, Great Scott provides an exhilarating experience for advanced skiers who enjoy challenging terrain [6][10].
  14. Chickadee: A beginner-friendly run, Chickadee provides a gentle slope ideal for those new to skiing or snowboarding [6][10].
  15. Baldy Shoulder: This run offers diverse terrain and can be accessed from Mount Baldy, providing a mix of challenging and intermediate slopes [4].

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  1. Little Cloud: Little Cloud is a popular area for intermediate and advanced skiers, providing a mix of groomed runs and challenging terrain [4].
  2. Gadzoom: Located in the Gad Valley area, Gadzoom offers a wide, groomed run suitable for intermediate skiers [4].
  3. Wilbere Ridge: Wilbere Ridge provides advanced skiers with challenging terrain and thrilling descents [4].
  4. South Chute: This run in the Gad Valley area offers steep terrain and exciting skiing for advanced riders [4].
  5. Regulator Johnson: Recommended for intermediate skiers, Regulator Johnson offers scenic alpine terrain to explore [6].
  6. Lone Star: Lone Star is a challenging run located in the Mineral Basin area, suitable for advanced skiers seeking steep descents [4].
  7. Upper Silver Fox: This run provides advanced skiers with steep and challenging terrain, offering an exciting adventure [4].
  8. The Bookends: The Bookends are two chutes located in the Gad Chutes area, offering advanced skiers a thrilling and challenging experience [6].

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Snowbird Lifts

Lift Name

Terrain Served

Popular Runs

Peruvian Express

Intermediate and Advanced

Chip’s Run, Primrose Path

Wilbere Express

Intermediate and Advanced

Wilbere Chutes, Wilbere Bowl


Intermediate and Advanced

Mid-Gad, Lower Silver Fox

Gad 2

Intermediate and Advanced

Big Emma, Upper Silver Fox

Little Cloud

Intermediate and Advanced

Gad Chutes, Lower Cirque

Mineral Basin Express

Intermediate and Advanced

Powder Paradise, Silver Dipper

Baldy Express

Intermediate and Advanced

Devil’s Dip, High Ivory

Aerial Tram

Intermediate and Advanced

Regulator Johnson, Lower Cirque

Baby Thunder


Bassackwards, Big Emma



Big Emma, Bassackwards



Mid-Gad, Lower Silver Fox



Mid-Gad, Lower Silver Fox



Wilbere Chutes, Wilbere Bowl

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Getting There: Where is Snowbird Mountain?

Snowbird Ski Resort is located in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah and is easily accessible from Salt Lake City. The resort offers a variety of skiing options for intermediates and advanced skiers. To get to Snowbird Ski Resort from Salt Lake City, follow these step-by-step directions:

  1. From the airport, head south on I-15 S towards Provo.
  2. Take exit 298 for 9000 S.
  3. Turn right onto UT-209 W/9000 S.
  4. Continue onto Little Cottonwood Canyon Road.
  5. Follow the road for approximately 7.9 miles until you reach Mile Post 7.9.
  6. Turn right into the Snowbird Ski Resort parking lot.


  • Ski Magazine’s Resort of the Year (2012)
  • OnTheSnow.com’s Visitor’s Choice Award for Best Overall Resort (2012)
  • Powder Magazine’s Ski Town Throwdown Champion (2013)

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  • Limited Aprés-ski scene: Snowbird Ski Resort has a limited Aprés-ski scene compared to some other resorts.
  • Tram Club sports bar: The Tram Club is a popular sports bar at Snowbird, offering billiards and darts for entertainment. It’s a great option for unwinding after a day on the slopes and often has happy hour specials.
  • Aerie Lounge: The Aerie Lounge provides a cozy atmosphere with a fireplace and live music on weekends. It’s another great spot to relax and enjoy the Aprés-ski experience.
  • The Lodge Bistro: The Lodge Bistro is an excellent casual drink option at Snowbird, serving local beers and wines.

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Pros and Cons of Snowbird Utah Ski Resort

This is more for fun, but here we go…



Abundant Powder!

Cold Temperatures

Terrain Varieties like Tree Runs, Chutes, and Gullies

Crowded Weekends

Easy access from Salt Lake City (also a con)

Not Ideal for Beginners

Affordable with the IKON Pass (also a con)

Increased Crowds with Ikon Pass

Interlodge: keep all the pow to yourself! Potentially a con? The Shining, anyone?

Interlodge Conditions (potential for being stuck in the canyon during storms)

Access to Alta, which is also epic

Overpriced for non-IKON Pass Holders

Snowbird one star reviews

Snowbird/Alta: Do you have to choose?

Unfortunately, if you are a snowboarder, you have to choose. If you are a skier, you can pop right over to Alta and ski between the mountains. I’ve considered tele-splitboarding to Alta on two separate feet, but probably the cons outweigh the pros :)

Can you snowboard at Snowbird?

That’s a mouthful, and yes! Just not Alta.

Alta: A Skier’s Paradise

And a snowboarders nightmare :). But don’t be too mad, it is honestly so flat in many spots that it would be a nightmare to get around on one plank. Alta is a skier’s dream destination, offering a unique experience for skiing enthusiasts. With its focus on preserving the skiing tradition, Alta remains exclusively for skiers, creating a pure skiing environment. The resort is known for its exceptional snow quality, thanks to its high annual snowfall and north-facing slopes. The dry, fluffy powder snow at Alta attracts powder hounds from around the world.

  • Base Elevation: The base elevation of Alta stands at 8,530 feet (2,600 meters) [3].
  • Top Elevation: The mountain’s highest point reaches 10,550 feet (3,215 meters) above sea level [3].
  • Vertical Drop: Alta provides a significant vertical drop of 2,020 feet (615 meters) [3].
  • Ski-able Terrain: The resort spans across 2,200 acres (890 hectares) of ski-able terrain [3].
  • Snowfall: Alta receives an average snowfall of 500 inches (1,270 centimeters) per winter season, ensuring excellent skiing conditions [3].
  • Terrain Distribution: Alta’s terrain is divided into different skill levels. Approximately 25% of the terrain is suitable for beginners, 40% for intermediate skiers, and 35% for advanced/expert skiers [3].
  • Lifts: Alta offers a total of 10 lifts, providing convenient access to the slopes [3].

Terrain and Skiing Opportunities

Alta provides a diverse range of terrain suitable for all skill levels. Beginners can enjoy the separate beginner zone with new lift upgrades, ensuring a comfortable learning experience. Intermediate skiers can explore groomed cruisers throughout the mountain, while advanced and expert skiers can challenge themselves with Alta’s steep runs, chutes, and cliffs. The resort’s navigation logistics are well-designed, with trails ending back at the same lift, providing a seamless skiing experience.

Alta Lodge

Alta Lodge is a fantastic accommodation option for those seeking a cozy retreat after a day on the slopes. Situated in the heart of Alta, the lodge offers ski-in, ski-out access, allowing guests to maximize their time on the mountain. The lodge provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, with comfortable rooms, delicious dining options, and stunning mountain views. Relax by the fireplace, indulge in hearty meals, and immerse yourself in the charm of Alta Lodge.

AltaSnowbird Connection: Snowbird Resorts

If you want to explore Alta and Snowbird, the AltaSnowbird connection makes it convenient. Skiers can access both resorts with a combined ticket, offering a total of 4,700 acres of skiable terrain. The connection between the two resorts was made possible by constructing two high-speed quads, providing easy access to intermediate terrain and exclusive powder-filled lines along the two-mile ridgeline.

What Canyon is Snowbird in?

Little Cottonwood Canyon is a winter paradise for skiers, with Alta and Snowbird offering unparalleled skiing experiences. While Snowbird has its own unique offerings, Alta stands out as a skier’s paradise with its focus on preserving the skiing tradition, exceptional snow quality, and diverse terrain catering to all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Little Cottonwood Canyon promises an unforgettable ski adventure.

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Ski you later!

Visitors will never be bored with various on-site restaurants, festivals, and retail opportunities. Mountain biking and hiking trails are available if you want to explore the area in the Summer. And it’s easily accessible with Salt Lake International Airport is 29 miles away. Winter sports enthusiasts could spend a lifetime at Snowbird and never grow tired. I hope you enjoyed reading this :)