We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ridgefield Weddings, a breathtaking new venue nestled in the heart of Arcata, California.

Owned by Scott and Krista Davies, Ridgefield Weddings is not just another Redwoods wedding venue – it’s a testament to their deep love for nature and commitment to environmental conservation.

15 the bells redwood forest wedding at ridgefield

15 the bells redwood forest wedding at ridgefield

Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by ancient Redwoods, their timeless beauty serving as a backdrop to your special day. At Ridgefield, couples can immerse themselves in the splendor of nature while celebrating their union in a truly enchanting setting.

Moreover, Scott and Krista’s recent donation of 75 acres of pristine Redwood forest showcases their dedication to preserving this natural treasure for generations to come. By aligning with SmartWood standards accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council®, Ridgefield ensures that its conservation efforts meet the highest industry benchmarks, safeguarding not only the beauty of the forest but also its ecological integrity.

We are honored to be part of Ridgefield Weddings’ journey towards creating unforgettable memories in harmony with nature. We look forward to helping them share their message with the world and welcome couples who share their reverence for the environment.

To learn more about Ridgefield Weddings and their extraordinary offerings, visit their website at ridgefieldweddings.co and follow them on Instagram and YouTube.

Congratulations, Ridgefield Weddings, on your grand opening, and welcome to the Snowmad family!