Mountain House Estate is a wedding venue located in Cloverdale, CA. The owner, John Alden, is one of the smartest and kindest persons I know. The venue itself is breathtaking with vineyard views, rolling wine country hills, gardens, a pond and fountain, hundred-year-old Oak trees, and even Redwoods.

GGBCF is my first non-profit client. Building their website was quite the undertaking, but very rewarding. Their nonprofit helps people in the Greater Green Bay Area with grants, donations, and scholarships for students. It’s a very noble cause and I am humbled to work with this client.

The Larimore is a wedding venue located in St. Louis, MO. The owners, Dena and Allen, are two of the kindest people I know. What’s interesting about this venue and the owners is that they actually were married at this venue! The venue itself is one-of-a-kind in the area, as it’s the only historical landmark and features a gorgeous vintage estate, a banquet hall with plenty of space, and gorgeous manicured gardens that make for the perfect photo opportunities.

Alexander Homestead is a wedding venue located in Charlotte, NC. It was featured on a famous TV show called Married at First Sight. The owner, Tirzah, is the definition of a leader and influencer. Not only is she the owner of this beautiful wedding venue, but she additionally has several other business ventures and is very vocal about supporting women and entrepreneurs. I feel lucky to work with such a cool team!

Legacy Farms is one of the longest-standing wedding venues in Nashville, TN. The owner Kellie was a nurse in her past life, then transitioned to opening up her catering business. As fate would have it, she bought the wedding venue, Legacy Farms, and the rest is history. Kellie is a kindhearted, hardworking person who is so humble about all the good she brings to the world.

Fort Worth Country Memories is one of my newer wedding venues. The owners, Mark and Lynae, also have another shipping business, but live on the property of their fun wedding venue. If you’ve ever wanted to pet a zebra on the same day you say your vows, this is the best wedding venue in Fort Worth (and all of Texas) to do so. Mark is constantly working on the property to improve the venue and Lynae is right there with him working tirelessly to bring beautiful wedding celebration to couples all across the Fort Worth area.