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top 3 qualities of the best websites sites


A Stunning, Mobile-First Design

According to The Knot, 92% of wedding couples use their phones for wedding planning, meaning your website (and landing page) has to be designed mobile-first. Thanks in part to social media, Millennials expect to scroll on their phones and they won’t wait long for your site to load, so your website has to be responsively designed and optimized to load fast.


SEO Optimization

If your website isn’t on the first page of Google, wedding couples simply won’t find you. The best wedding venue websites are optimized for the keywords that wedding couples are searching for, such as “wedding venues near me.” But SEO also entails optimized title and meta descriptions, page speed, mobile responsiveness, user experience, optimized blog posts, backlinks, and so much more.


Upfront Information & Helpful Tools

Wedding couples shopping for a venue want to know four things: what you do and where you’re located, whether you’re a professional and expert at executing weddings, what’s included in the price, and if you’re in their price range. Even if your website copy is warm and fuzzy and has a great story about how you started the wedding venue, they really just want to know if they can picture your wedding at their venue.