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Best Real Estate Websites

You want more qualified home buyers and sellers clicking on your real estate industry website & contacting you.

We know the struggles you face in the real estate industry. The competition for reaching home buyers & sellers gets fiercer every day as the market gets hotter and there is more competition. Most home sellers are shopping around for real estate agents – make sure they find your website and are excited to work with you. You can’t rely 100% on referrals for your business – you need to supplement referrals with people who are shopping for real estate agents online.

You need a turnkey, cost-effective website that clients love with minimal interruption to your business. More importantly, you need a site that educates potential home buyers and sellers so that they are informed and are easier clients. Our visually compelling real estate agent websites sites are built with conversions in mind and every scroll brings them closer to contacting you to list their home or help them buy a home.

A website is a big investment for you. Depending on the complexity, our web design projects cost between $3,500 -$10,500 with flexible payment options available. It’s an invaluable investment – with just one home seller that hires you through your website, you’ll easily make your money back. If you’re unsure where to start with your real estate website needs, contact us below and we’ll evaluate your website and marketing to see where we can help you improve and outperform your local competition.

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“The design of our website is awesome! We’ve referred several other happy customers to Elizabeth and will continue to do so.”

– John Alden, Northern California Real Estate Agent

top 3 qualities of the best real estate sites


A Stunning, Mobile-First Design

Homebuyers and sellers use their phones for home searches online, including looking for real estate agencies and listing websites like Zillow. Your website (and landing page) has to be designed as a mobile-first user interface. Thanks in part to social media, Millennials expect to scroll on their phones and they won’t wait long for your site to load, so your website has to be responsively designed and optimized to load fast.


SEO Optimization

If your website isn’t on the first page of Google, homebuyers simply won’t find you. You could have top-notch customer service and be the top seller in your area, but if no one can find you, no one can hire you. The best real estate websites are optimized for keywords such as “commercial real estate,” “real estate agents near me,” or “sell my home in [ZIPCODE]”. SEO also entails optimized title and meta descriptions, page speed, optimized blog posts, backlinks, and much more.


Upfront Information & Helpful Tools

Homebuyers and sellers want to know a few things: what you do and where you’re located, buying and selling experiences, and your success. An agent image along with luxury homes photos and other property resources will help your website visitors trust you more.